CHinook Blast 2022

Chinook Blast 2022 was at the Guild live on Saturday February 12th.
Below are some photos of the event.

About Chinook Blast at the Heritage weavers and spinners guild of Calgary.

Do you wear clothes? Do they keep you warm? Have you ever wondered how they are made?

Have you heard of speed dating? But, what about speed weaving?

Spinning and weaving are two of civilizations’ oldest technologies, but thanks to them, you aren’t naked (and cold)!

Come and enjoy a free educational event for all ages as a team of spinners and weavers create a woven, woolen blanket shawl within five hours. Raw fleece will be carded and spun into yarn and then woven on pre-dressed looms to finished dimensions of 22" by 80" using modern, high tech equipment (these aren’t your Great-Granny’s spinning wheels!)

The finished shawl.